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Handmade sleep mask and matching travel bag

Handmade sleep mask and matching travel bag

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These sleep masks are made from 100% cotton fabric on the front, while the inner side is made using recycled bedsheets or pillow cases.

The elastic is made from polyester elasticated lace which is flat and comfortable to sleep on.

The inside is soft polyester wadding which makes the masks soft and flexible, so they fit on most faces easily.

The matching bags are made from the same fabric on the outer, and again made with recycled sheets on the inner part. The zipper matches the elastic on the mask.

These are great to help you sleep on planes, in rooms that are too bright, at hospital or in the car.

The elastics are between 38 and 40cm long, and lie flat against your head. They're super comfortable to sleep with, especially if you usually struggle with average sleeping masks.

More fabrics will be uploaded soon, however if you want a specific one (say something you've seen from the face mask or gift bag selection), please let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Equally if you'd like a specific colour or length for the elastic, please let me know.

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